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Recently the captain has decided to dedicate all his time to his passion; he has bought a beautiful vessel in Miami-USA; the "DawnTreader" and went for the adventure of his life.
Captain Breit, his wife and some friends decided to travel the beautiful caribbean for a while, and this way they got slowly ready to do a long trip down all the way to the south of the world: Patagonia.
It wasn't easy, they had to cross the Panama Canal sourrounded by enormous cargo and cruise ships, learn to live with mosquitos around and no a/c. When getting to Ecuator some crew members had to go home. Looking for new crew, Captain Breit and his wife, continued to the Peruvian coast where they had to make another long stop. Entering chilean waters they finally felt at home but there was still a long way in front of them.

The Captain, Claudio Breit, is a true adventurer that has always loved to be in direct contact with nature, more specifically the sea.
He learned to sail in Hamburg (Germany) when he lived there for several years during his 20's.
During his whole life he has always made sure he had a sailboat to share his passion with his family by experiencing beautiful and unforgetable trips along Chile's coast line and it's many lakes. Later he also became a pilot to fullfil even more his need of adventure. With this he got to discover many corners in Chile that he would have never found out other way.




Since the successful arrival of the "DawnTreader" to Chiloé the captain has organized many trips around the island, to the patagonian fiords and also went all the way to tierra del fuego to the Argetinian city of Ushuaia. This was an extreem experience where himself, his wife and crew were completely isolated and under the complet mercy of nature.
After this one and many other trips, captain Breit has become a very experienced sailor, he knows his vessel and he has become quite famous in this part of the world for being the only one crossing the patagonian waters in such a beautiful and strong catamaran.

Captain Breit has now decided to share his passion with all the travelers that would like to join him and be part of a fantastic and unforgetable experience.

In Antofagasta city some of the captain's old friends joined him to continue all the way to Valparaiso, Chile's most important port. From here they got the last and final bit of strenght to face the wild sea from the next part of chile's coastline. Succesfully they arrived to Chiloé, the beautiful island where the captain and his wife today live.

... a different sailing experience for every taste​​

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